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Mandira Dinning

Experience the ultimate indulgence in the following ceremonies. At Glow Spa, every moment of your spa visit has been carefully choreographed to ensure that with each step, stress and tension melts away. Following certain therapies, you are invited to relax in the tranquillity of your spa suite’s private open-air garden. Nature’s beauty, the therapeutic aromas of essential oil, the warm healing touch and soothing music, will bathe your senses into a state of relaxed bliss.

Ultimate Glow 3 hours 30 minutes

Journey into an exotic and luxurious mind and body experience, with our complete ultimate indulgence ritual. A traditional Balinese recipe, fragrant Coconut body scrub polishes the skin while the sensation of warmed milk and honey bath is simply divine. The natural ingredients work to heal followed by a rejuvenating Pevonia Facial customised for your individual skin needs. A mind soothing and relaxing Balinese Aromatherapy massage is included in this ultimate ritual

Ultimate Pevonia Beauty 3 hours 30 minutes
“Experience the Ultimate total Radiance Boost! “
Personalised, high performance skin care treatment by Pevonia for a complete Face and Body pampering. An aroma-sensory experience with tropical fruits and pure essential oils and rich sea salt from France, will leave your skin softer, smoother, radiant and youthful while your senses go into a tropical escape.This Beauty Journey includes: Floral Footbath, Pevonia De-Aging Lotion, Pevonia customised Facial, Balinese Massage, Pevonia Tropical Scrub, Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Lime & Lemongrass Bath. Emerge radiant and beautiful all over.

Traveller’s retreat 2 Hours
Get over jet lag and relieve your travel weary body of stiffness, aches and pains. Your journey begins with Thermo active Pevonia Moor mud wrap on your tired back and shoulder. Followed by a deep pressure massage to help relax your body while you indulge in slumber, cocooned in a comforting warm Tamarind Ginger foot wrap. So Stretch out and Relax and enjoy this deeply relaxing treatment.

Romantic Retreat 2 Hours
An indulgence just for two, this ritual begins with side by side massage in your private spa suite. Embark on a delicious journey together while you both relax in our ice cream flavoured bath with fresh rose petals. Enjoy an invigorating exfoliation of rich and creamy ice cream flavoured body scrub followed by an application of our delicious Marshmallow Body Wrap. It’s the perfect way to spend time together cocooned in a flavourful and moisturising scoop of luxury for your skin. An additional private time allows you to enjoy herbal tea in the privacy of your garden gazebo. You may also order champagne and strawberries if you desire.

Chocolate Fondue Body Spa 2 Hours
Bask in the pleasures of a Chocolate spa ritual. Produced from 100% cocoa, it is hydrating, regenerating and helps in the reduction of cellulite. Chocolate is also responsible for the production of endorphins ‘happy hormones’ therefore making it a great way to start any holiday. This journey of joy includes: Floral Footbath, Milk & Honey Bath, Rich Cocoa Body Butter, Balinese Aromatherapy Massage, Rich Chocolate Scrub, and Delicious Chocolate Body Wrap.

Rice & Valerian Spa Ritual 2 Hours
“Experience Exotic Spa Rituals from Bali, the land of many rice fields”
Centuries ago, rice is used to cleanse and purify creating legendary beautiful and healthy skin. Rice with its vitamins and other nutrients gently removes dead skin from the body, leaving it feeling refreshed. This Treatment begins with a mind-soothing and relaxing Balinese Aromatherapy massage while the sensation of warmed Rice & Valerian oil being drizzled over your body is simply divine. Then enjoy a sensual fragrant Sake bath with fresh Rose petals. Leave feeling refreshed and beautiful all over.

Spa Massage

More than a massage, these are ceremonies of indulgence performed in the sanctuary of a spa villa. Every massage begins with a Floral Foot Wash,....


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Signature Treatment

Experience the ultimate indulgence in the following ceremonies. At Glow Spa, every moment of your spa visit has been carefully choreographed to ensure that with each step,....

Body treatment

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