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Mandira Dinning

More than a massage, these are ceremonies of indulgence – performed in the sanctuary of a spa villa.
Every massage begins with a Floral Foot Wash,
a symbolic cleansing to wash away the world and prepare for total relaxation.

The following represent only a sampling of the indulgent treatments on offer :

Balinese Massage
Relax and float away to a wonderful world of tranquillity. Used for centuries to renew, strengthen and heal the body, this traditional Balinese therapy combines the stretching, long stroke, skin rolling, and palm and thumb pressure techniques commonly used in village massage. A flowing and graceful massage that relieves tension, improves blood flow, eases stress and encourages harmony of body and mind.

Warm Stone Massage
This therapeutic and relaxing treatment is designed to relieve stiffness and soreness, and restore energy and balance. Smooth, warmed rocks glide across the body in long, flowing strokes. Heat helps to relax the muscles, and has a soothing and comforting effect on emotions. Simultaneously, other rocks are placed on the body's different energy points, the heat penetrating deep within the muscles to melt away tension and restore balance.

Mandira Four Hand Signature Massage
Not to be missed, never to be forgotten. In this signature treatment, two therapists anoint the body with a unique blend of five different massage styles – Japanese Shiatsu, Thai, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Balinese. The perfect harmonization of the two therapists makes this massage a deliciously sublime experience.

Shiatsu Massage
With its origins from Japan, Shiatsu is a dry massage using finger pressure in combination with stretches to balance the energy flow through the body to create a sense of balance and peace. Recommended for those needing a thorough workout involving the muscles to remove pain derived from muscle pain and tension

Golden Spoon Face Massage
Mandira Face Massage is a gentle and extremely relaxing and calming treatment. The Massage begins with a mind-soothing face, head and scalp massage to help melt away any tension or stress and inducing a deep state of relaxaton. Then it is up to the Agilance Golden Spoons Facial focusing on the Kneipp principal of alternating hot and cold stimuli to help firm your skin simply and naturally.

Ear Candle Massage Therapy
Ear candling is a relaxing and therapeutical treatment to improve general health and wellbeing by lighting one end of a special hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal to remove earwax. A relaxing Face, Head, Ear and Shoulder Massage is performed during the ear candling treatment for total bliss and relaxation.

Feet Reflexology
A lavish foot massage using Chinese Reflexology techniques. This treatment begins with a floral footbath, and then the therapists will apply pressure on specific nerve points on both feet, which are directly linked to specific organs in the body in order to improve blood circulation and strengthen weak areas of the body and at the same time stimulating elimination of toxins.

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More than a massage, these are ceremonies of indulgence performed in the sanctuary of a spa villa. Every massage begins with a Floral Foot Wash,....


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